The research group AGAPP (analysis, Management and evaluation of public policies) is organising a series of seminars to understand the content, processes and impacts of public policies, as well as the operation of the ’ administration and the public sector in complex contexts. Seminars are aimed at PhD students and researchers that does not require prior registration. Will take place on Monday mainly at 1 p.m. at the headquarters of the IGOP-UAB (MRA Bellaterra Campus Building).

17 of October 2016, 13h.
Xavier Ballart i Guillem Ripoll (UAB)
"Motivation for public service. Attitudes toward corruption "

21 November 2016, 13h.
Eva Ostergaard (UAB)
“Cross-border pathways to power: Legislative recruitment of special emigrant representatives”

12 of December 2016, 14h.
Pep L'espluga (UAB – IGOP)
Citizen involvement in public policy making ’. The case of sustainability policies”

23 of January 2017, 13h.
Quim Brugué (UdG – IGOP)
“Pinnovative municipal olítiques in contexts of crisis and austerity: the small municipalities of Girona "

20 February 2017, 13h.

Nicolás Barbieri/Ernesto Morales/Raquel Gallego (IGOP-UAB)
“Methodology for the evaluation of the ’ ’ Community action in health”
Discussant: Rafael Cofiño, Head of health assessment, And quality Programs, Directorate-General of public health, Ministry of health of the Government of the Principality of Asturias ’.

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