The research group AGAPP (analysis, Management and evaluation of public policies) is organising a series of seminars to understand the content, processes and impacts of public policies, as well as the operation of the ’ administration and the public sector in complex contexts. Seminars are aimed at PhD students and researchers that does not require prior registration. Will take place on Monday mainly at 1 p.m. at the headquarters of the IGOP-UAB (MRA Bellaterra Campus Building).

AGAPP/ 29 may of 2017, 12h.
Regina Laisner “Evaluation of public policies from a political approach: a study of institutional experiences and relationship Government and society of Spain and Catalonia”.

PhD + AGAPP/ 15 may 2107, 13h Sala de Juntes (C faculty. Politiques)
Covadonga Meseguer "The political consequences of remmittances"
Discussant: Eva Østergaard

PhD + AGAPP/ 27 March 2017, 13 h Sala de Juntes (Facultat C. Politiques)
Caroline de la Porte "The sovereign debt crisis, the EU and welfare state reform "
Discussant: Loam lion

AGAPP/ 20 of March 2017, 13h.
Joaquim Molins (UAB) i Alex Casademunt (UAB). “Stakeholders in Spain. The influence of lobbies in Spanish politics
Presentation Of The Book

AGAPP/ 23 of January 2017, 13h.
Quim Brugué (UdG - IGOP)
"Politiques innovative municipals in contexts of crisis i austeritat: els petits municipis de Girona"

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