Linking social innovation and empowerment: A public policy role?

Please consider submitting a proposal for the panel “T12P03 – Linking social innovation and empowerment: A public policy role?”, scheduled at the next IPPA Conference ICPP5 Barcelona, to be held 6th-8th July 2021. The panel wants to investigate the role of social innovation in fostering women’s empowerment, with a specific focus on public policies able to enhance citizens’ collective and individual capabilities.

The panel is coordinated by Raquel Gallego-Calderón (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona) and Lara Maestripieri (Politecnico di Milano/Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and welcomes proposals assessing the capacity of social innovation to empower women and promote diversity, using an intersectional analytical framework.

Deadline for abstract proposal: January, 29th at the IPPA website:

Please access the call for paper at this link:

Do not hesitate to contact for any information regarding this panel.
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